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These are pretty funny...

Kung Fu
MPEGShaolin Fighting Cats (1.73 mb)
MPEGBear-Fu (1.42 mb)
MPEPark-Fu (1.04 mb)

Animated Violence
ASFAh L'Amour (stick figure violence) (1.69 mb)
QTHalo Explosion Physics to music (23.79 mb)
WMVLeeroy Jenkins!!! World of Warcraft humor (15.7 mb)
MOVLeonard Nimoy Sings of Bilbo Baggins (777 kb)

Caught on Tape
RMJoe Namath wants to kiss Suzy Kolber (1.61 mb)
WMVStar Wars Kid - Original (2.97 mb)
WMVStar Wars Kid Remix w/ sfx- Original (1.09 mb)

MPEGA Convincing Ad (3.07 mb)
MPGBeer And Romance Don't Mix (2.07 mb)
WMVThe Apple Gamer (5.07 mb)
QTEbay Toy Boat Ad (Not funny, but my favorite commercial of 2004) (5.28 mb)
QTDancing Transforming Citroen (6.3 mb)

MP3Jive Delta (184 k)
MP3Dead Ale Wives Watchtower look into Dungeons and Dragons (3.17 mb)

SHOCKLego Trash Collector game
SHOCKSnowball Game
FLASHSmack the Pingu!

Other Stuff
QTOriginal Spider-Man Trailer (21.85 mb)
QTBatman - Dead End (43 mb)
QTGollum accepts his MTV movie award (7.36 mb)
MPEGLive Action Dungeons and Dragons the way it was never meant to be played (5.19 mb) MPEG
WMVTriumph the Insult Comic Dog takes on Star Wars Geeks (17.2 mb)
WMVTriumph - Star Wars Geeks OUT-TAKES (10.7 mb)
MPGHeat Vision and Jack Part 1 (106 mb)
MPGHeat Vision and Jack Part 2 (113 mb)
MPGHeat Vision and Jack Part 3 (88 mb)
MPGThe Trouble with Ice Fishing (Startling) (867k)
AVINatalie Portman SNL Rap (51 mb)

_pixar Shorts
QTAndre and Wally (8.33 mb)
AVIGeri's Game (23.1 mb)
MPGKnick Knack - Original (30.4 mb)
MPGLuxo Jr (21.3 mb)
AVIFor the Birds (44 mb)
MPGMike's New Car (60 mb)
QTRed's Dream (17.1 mb)
QTThe Incredibles Preview (2003) (16.6 mb)
QTCars Teaser Trailer (2004) (16.7 mb) New
divXJack Jack Attack (2004) (80.9 mb) New