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The Premise

In the beginning there were eleven gods...

But twenty-five years before our story starts, a one hundred strong guild of terrible wizards called the Yahku pooled their power to destroy the world. Each gave half of their power and in a terrible ceremony conjured a god from their evil magic. This god was known as Maelstrom and his first task was to set upon the five continents of the world and destroy them and bring them under the rule of the Yahku, who would become the "Hundred Kings".

The desert continent became his first conquest, leaving in his wake a sea of glass and smoldering crystalline statues. On his journey to the second continent, the eleven gods confronted him and battled for thirty days at sea. (That part of the sea still boils twenty-five years since.) When the battle was won, it took a terrible toll. Maelstrom could not be destroyed. Instead, one of the gods would have to focus all of his great power and being into holding Maelstrom, eternally. This could be his only task and were he to lose concentration for even an instant, Maelstrom would be set free. The god who volunteered was the Tomasli, god of love, passion and revenge.

Tomasli closed his heaven (for in this world, each god has his own heaven) and asked for one favor of the other gods: A night with his loves. It was well known that Tomasli had ten great mortal loves in the eternity of his life. Even after they died, he tended to their spirits and watched them from afar as they passed through life after life. Tomasli met with each of the incarnations of his ten great loves that night. For that night, Tomasli was replaced by his best friend Fafin, the god of death. Tomasli told each of his loves that they would not be able to remember him, but he would give them each a gift. When he returned, the gods removed Tomasli from the memories of everyone in the world. They removed all of his temples and all remnants of his existance. All agreed that Tomasli could never fulfill his duty of committing all of his concentration to guarding Maelstrom if he could hear the prayers of his followers. With no followers to hear, Tomasli set upon his task.

Twenty-five years later, he failed.

The gift that Tomasli had given to his loves was a child for each and each child was endowed with a special ability and each grew to greatness in their own way. But one of these children, Marisle', was different. To this child, Tomasli gave knowledge of his existence and the ability to know truest love. She knew to never pray to her father lest she undo everything he had done. Still Marisle' loved him and he could feel her love. It bolstered his strength and resolve knowing that he could protect his children from Maelstrom, but the absence of his influence had changed the world. With no god of love or passion, everything became harsher and colder.
The Yahku could feel it too. After twenty-five years, they found another of his children and corrupted him and set him upon his unknowing siblings. His first victim was Marisle'. With her, everything crumbled. She was Tomasli's one follower. She, separate from all others in the world, loved him and worshipped him but with the doors to his heaven closed, her spirit would never rest. It was too much for Tomasli to bear and for a moment his power diverted so that the doors to his heaven would be open.

It was all Maelstrom needed to escape and disappear.

Each of Tomasli's remaining children joined an adventure that would span decades and won each their own kingdom while ending the reign of terror wrought by Maelstrom. The kings and queens spread their own vast powers over the world and worked together to maintain a cohesion of world government that was unprecedented. This peace lasted through three generations until the greed of the great-great-grand children grew, and the memories of the accomplishments of the ten adventurers faded from the minds of the people. There began the unrest that exists in this time...

And that is where the story begins.
Game Information

Maps and other info will be coming here to this site as I create them. Also, a list of the known gods as well. Changes to the standard gaming world:
  • New deities
  • Methods of character creation
    • 4d6, 7 times, drop lowest roll and die, don't reroll ones
    • 84 points (don't add bonues level points)
  • Drow not evil (Playable) - Why?
  • More clerical spell control
    • Clerics can pray (Wisdom Check dc20) to change any spell slot into any of their domain spells 2 levels lower (or more).
    • Clerics can pray (Wisdom Check dc20) to sacrifice all spells for the day and cast one spell one level higher. Failure results in the loss of the Cleric's highest two spell levels of spells being lost for the day.
    • Pray (Wisdom Check dc20) to sacrifice all spells for the week and cast one spell up to three levels higher. Failure results in the loss of the Cleric's highest three levels of spells for the week.

    All characters will begin at 12th level.