Comics are my life. Here you'll find a sampling of a few things that I've done in the past few years. Tear and The Ether are ongoing works that I add to. Anything else you find here will generally be projects that I've done for others or small projects that struck my fancy at the time....
The Ether
The Ether
The Gallery
The Gallery
Land of Og
Artwork for The Land of Og (by Wingnut Games)
Featured in Brian's Picks in Knight's of the Dinner Table #45
Battle Cattle Second Edition
Artwork for Battle Cattle Second Edition (by Wingnut Games)
Battle Cattle - Holy Pail
Artwork for Battle Cattle - Quest for the Holy Pail (by Wingnut Games)
Pictures from
Kenzer & Co's Hackmaster Player's Handbook and Hacklopedias
Land of Og:Complete Caveman's Club Book
Artwork for The Land of Og's first supplement (by Wingnut Games)

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