After years and years of submitting stuff to Marvel, Image, Milestone (rip), DC, darkhorse and everyone else, I've decided to start putting my failed submissions online. I usually never find out if anyone actually saw my submission, so you, the viewer get to pretend to be a submissions editor now! I'll be posting drawing AND writing submissions that I submit in the future (and if I can find some, from the past as well).

Thanks for stopping through!

7/2002 - Cloak and Dagger Marvel MAX submission
I decided to do a writing submission when I saw that Marvel was finally going to create a mature readers line. I've always wanted to do a Cloak and Dagger story and I felt like they were perfect for the Marvel Max line so I wrote a 21 page script (Marvel's new standard) and decided to draw 4 pages so that they could see the kind of mood I was going for. I fedexed it in to Axel Alonso (I've always heard that you should send things directly to editors, and he's one I've spoken to personally and whose opinion I respect). I was unsurprised to hear nothing. I don't know if he got it or if it just went into the trash. So here it is.


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4