Inspired by Marcy Chen

This is a picture I did for a friend for the Legend of the 5 Rings Card/RPG. I also designed his "Sloth Clan" Mon in the lower right hand corner.

This is the first of my "in the clutches of Dragons" series.



Fourth. This one didn't win a Lady Pendragon Contest I entered.

This is a T-shirt design I did for Dragonfire comics in Des Moines, IA. They came out great!
In May 1999, two good friends of mine had a baby and they wanted to something a little different for their baby's birth announcement. It turned out to be a small 4 page comic book style booklet that slightly exaggerated the details of the drive to the hospital and 18 hours of labor.

Below are the 4 pages of the announcement that made it out to all of their friends and family. (I might also add that I drew, inked, colored and lettered it all in less than 48 hours :)


A pic that I did for the Spider-man Crawlspace website.

This is a commissioned piece I did for a teacher friend of mine. All pencil and colored in photshop!
Apparently this is Lacey Chabert

Another commission I did for my friend Steve.

I did this one for someone who might be interested in having me illustrate it for a b&w comic in 2001!

This piece was one of my first pieces of published work in a small press comic called Minotaur way back in 1996!
These are all previously unplublished pictures from WindZone, the aforementioned RPG. Jay asked me for alternate sex pictures for the races that we already had and these were my first drafts.

A color proof I did for the Darkon that appeared in WindZone race section.

Fan art for

Not a WindZone piece, but a commissioned family portrait I'm working on for a's coming along.

This is a piece of Fanart I did for character's name is Tempest

This is another commissioned character sketch. It turned out well I thought.

Another set of commissioned character sketches.